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Creating Community Learning About Nonfood Biomass Heat

Using biomass for heat was one of the original human advancements through social learning.  Chances are, Prometheus did not really bring the benefits of the controlled burn to humanity, but, rather, clever humanoids taught one another how to build, control and use a fire to stay warm.

We have a pressing need, as the human inhabitants of this planet, to do something similar once again.  Our reliance on fossil fuels is unsustainable, but we must still keep warm.  How do you think we can best spread knowledge about how we can accomplish a switch to renewable resources (augmented, of course, by conservation)?  What role does learning about nonfood biomass as a heat source have in that?

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First post

This is a first post, in which I invite you to join me in exploring how nonfood biomass can contribute to the task of heating homes, farms and businesses in rural upstate NY.

The land and the biomass is there…

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